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Sprite-O-Verse Is back! Again! For real! But not here!
by Lekonua
4.15.2016, 9:13 PM


So...that last update...from like 2 years ago. Saying that I was going to start semi-regularly updating Sprite-o-Verse again. 

Well it's still true, but I'm making some adjustments. And by "adjustments" I mean I'm rebooting the entire series and taking it to another site.  I'm still leaving the original version of it here on Comic Fury, but the reboot will be hosted on a Tumblr page.

This one. Right here.

Why the move to Tumblr? 

For one, our Comic Fury page is a bit of a mess at the moment and I don't have the necessary knowledge to fix it. Zan was the one who set it all up, and he had someone else actually make the page layout and design. Also, with MAJHost all but officially dead, the majority of our navigation links don't even display properly anymore. Furthermore, some of our comics were also hosted on MAJ, and they don't show up either. It took an annoying amount of work just to fix the Sprite-o-Verse episodes that got hit. EVEN SO, the archive itself was getting a bit messy with two primary series, plus the extra comics thrown in, and I don't want to further screw it up by adding another into the mix. 

Why the reboot?

Because the original comic SUCKED! Okay, maybe I'm being a little overly critical of work I started 6-ish years ago, but still. The style was inconsistent. I changed templates and fonts like 3 or 4 times over the course of the series, it started out trying to shoehorn in WAY too many unnecessary characters and then having to sloppily retcon them out of existence, even a lot of the writing early on was just not up to my current standards. Which are ridiculously high now because I know what I'm capable of. Even though it got better over time and FINALLY settled into a consistent style after around 50 episodes, I couldn't look back at the earlier stuff and not think about how much better it could be if I redid it now, and took into account everything I've learned about Photoshop and writing better dialog. Even though the later episodes started looking so much better, nobody was going to want to read that far in because of how crappy it was at the start.

So my goal is to re-launch the series with a consistent style already in place. There might still be room for small improvements here and there, but no more drastic jumps in quality or sudden changes to designs. (Except one. Because what started as a Photoshop experiment turned out so much better than I expected, and I couldn't NOT use the result, but that's the ONLY ONE, I SWEAR. And you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.) 

I still think Comic Fury is a brilliant site and a great platform for webcomics, and I'm not taking down the original Sprite-o-Verse episodes. Just know that with everything else going on in our lives, this page is unlikely to be updated for the foreseeable future.  

Sprite-o-verse is back!
by Lekonua
4.22.2014, 9:46 PM

Hello...? Is this thing on? Is this where I do this?  *Ahem*

Greetings, legions of adoring fans! It is I, Leko! Here to inform you all that Comic Shorts: Sprite-o-verse is officially back to regularly updating!


I say "partially" because Reproduction is still on hold for now. Go complain to Zan about that one.

So what HAVE we been up to during this hiatus? Well, we started our own Let's Play channel on YouTube, for one thing. That would be Gaming Wizards. And we may or may not be working on a game of our own. More on that as details arise and life stops getting in the way so much.

Stay tuned!


Officially on hiatus
by Zanshlou
5.6.2012, 11:10 PM

Hello ComicShortsians!

It's been awhile! In case you haven't noticed we've been on hiatus for awhile. I mentioned it but haven't really officially stated it on the main page. SO I'M DOING THAT NOW! :D

Eh hem... right... so we are offically on hiatus now. It's offical so now you can't complain if there's no update for the next *insert timespan here* okay?

Who knows... by the time we get back there may be other surprises in store for you... Though I won't say anything just in case.

Till next time