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(as a group)

Comic Shorts is actually more than a less than clever title for a comic series. In fact before the series by the same title was ever made, Comic Shorts was the name of a duo of artists. The two friends, John and Nathan both enjoyed art, and drawing. The first actual series they worked on together was a horribly bad strip done for their own amusement called Sonic Seniors, a comic about the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog 80 years in the future. This comic was short, terrible, and done over six years ago back and forth between the two artists. Eventually they both stopped working on the series and moved on to other random doodles and eventually other comics. Badger Wars and Tales of a Badger Outlaw were the next of the comics made by the members of Comic Shorts. Each artist worked on the comics separately though both series had similar characters and a Star Wars inspired theme to them. It was around this time that John decided to come up with a name for our comic group which was originally Komic Losers, (yes the K was on purpose) later changed to Comic Shorts for various reasons besides it making more sense and being less demeaning.

Eventually both badger comics were discontinued and Comic Shorts moved on to other doodles and such. The series known as Comic Shorts was technically started around this time. Each of us had a member name in the group, John's was Dragon Master, Nathan's Lekonua, and later another friend joined who became Label Buddy. John was going to make a serious and story driven comic about ninjas, the idea partially inspired by Naruto which had just recently came out, and partially by his obsession with ninjas since kindergarten. The main character was going to be Dragon Master and a simple and silly comic was done with some of the characters originally just meant to be completely random. The next random comic made starring Dragon Master was around the time that it was decided to drop the ninja comic and start up a series of random comics with some lame jokes. This is what later became Comic Shorts (the series) but there will be more on that below.

Nathan's comics around this time were primarily centered around his character, Lekonua, ranting about things that annoy him with other characters showing up from time to time. Nathan has not done as many comics over the years but his are generally considered to be of a higher quality due to his continued use of digital media for the comics. This is especially true of earlier issues done by John which weren't much better than stick figures. In fact in the earlier issues just about every unimportant character was a stick figure. Both John and Nathan have improved since the start of Comic Shorts over four years ago and continue to improve as time goes by. Despite others joining us (like Label Buddy) the two of us have always been the only ones to draw any actual comics.

Speaking of others, over time the number of people who were considered a part of Comic Shorts went up and down. There was one person who joined for a while whose character was later removed from the comic. This character was Gex and the person who Gex represented was removed from the group for admittedly stupid reasons. Another person technically became part of Comic Shorts when they wanted to have a character in the series and came up with the character design themselves. This is where the character The New Yorker came in, though the friend who designed him may not really be considered a member of the group, his character has become one of the main characters and our friend is definitely a part of Comic Shorts even if only in a minor way. Recently it seems Label Buddy has left Comic Shorts since he has removed contact with both John and Nathan who are still the primary members, and perhaps the only actual members left.

That is the history of our group from our start to the present... (7/31/2010)

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Comic Shorts

(the main series)

Series information coming soon.

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Comic Shorts Spriteoverse

(Lekonua's space adventure sprite comic)

Comic Shorts: Spriteoverse is a sprite comic by Nathan where all the Comic Shorts characters have random adventures IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

 His intention was to break away from his traditional style of sprite comic storytelling by having a series last longer than 10 or so episodes and telling them much more slowly and in-depth. Eventually, each character will be the subject of one or more important plot points, and insight into their backgrounds will be revealed. (This background story may or may not coincide with the "official canon" of other Comic Shorts series such as Reproduction. Basically, what Nathan makes up about a character can be totally different from what John says.)

Spriteoverse has more overall seriousness to it than the rest of Comic Shorts. Nathan likes to think it is similar to 8-Bit Theatre, a serious dramatic storyline with comedic characters and incidents thrown in, while staying true to the Comic Shorts formula of random pop culture references and Label Buddy-hurting.

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Comic Shorts Reproduction

(the continuation series of the main series)

Series information coming soon.

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The Other Comics

(other series made by the members of Comic Shorts not related to Comic Shorts)

Series information coming soon.

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