Officially on hiatus
by Zanshlou

Hello ComicShortsians!

It's been awhile! In case you haven't noticed we've been on hiatus for awhile. I mentioned it but haven't really officially stated it on the main page. SO I'M DOING THAT NOW! :D

Eh hem... right... so we are offically on hiatus now. It's offical so now you can't complain if there's no update for the next *insert timespan here* okay?

Who knows... by the time we get back there may be other surprises in store for you... Though I won't say anything just in case.

Till next time


What the future holds
by Zanshlou

Hello fans! It's been awhile since I've updated our main page with news...

So I'd first like to say sorry for all the filler lately, I'm actually debating on if we should continue filler comics through the end of the year or if after next update we should just go on hiatus. Originally I had planned for us to do so once Leko finished up the current story arc of CS Spriteoverse (which should only be a couple of issues away), but things have come up and gotten busy on his end so he hasn't gotten around to finishing up the last couple of issues. Now on my end I've just been having a hard time sorting out all the details for CSR and progress (if you could even call it progress) has been extremely slow. What I HOPE we can do is by Comicshortsiversary 2012 I'd like to be able to finish up the current arc for Spriteoverse and then bring you the next 6 issues of CSR one after another and get the first story arc of that done.

For the few curious here are the plans for CSR's first story arc:
Origins - A revisit to all the characters starring in CSR, providing more back story for each one and developing them more into what I always pictured them as but probably never made clear enough for the readers. Each issue will re-introduce a different character going in the same order they were introduced in the original series. The arc will end off with introducing a new character to the cast.

From there I'll either jump right into the next story arc or I'll do some self-resolving issues. (Stories that start and finish in one issue)

We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.


News and blah.
by Zanshlou

So I decided that I'm going to start moving the main series of Comic Shorts to its own site. I decided this for a couple of reasons. 1) It clutters up the main site here. 2) I will be the first to admit that the first series is pretty bad, bad jokes, bad art, bad everything really. I don't want its terribleness scaring people away from the newer better stuff we have. 3) Due to the quick mass uploading of the old stuff we reached a lot of comics before we had any subscribers, and after reading a thread on the forum I found out that a comic with lots of comics but few subscribers is likely to be overlooked by people without so much as giving it a chance. By moving the main series to it's own site it'll cut down on our comic count by 110 pages hopefully stopping it from being overlooked by those who follow that sort of logic.

In other news; since I was doing stuff today I went ahead and did some cleanup with the order of our archive. Really need to find out if there's a way where we can set it so that when clicking "next" it will take you to the next comic in that chapter(/ the next chapter if it's the last comic) as opposed to the next one by date that way we don't have to occasionally move back Spriteoverse issues to before Reproduction issues just to keep things nice and organized. If anyone knows a way to do this contact me either on Comic Fury or on our forum please.

Well that's it for now, till next time our loyal fan and a half!

Zanshlou out