Comic Shorts on Facebook
by Zanshlou

That's right we now have a Facebook page apparently. BE EXCITED PEOPLE! So here's a link: CLICK ME and to be completely redundant (and since at some point this blog update will no longer show up) there is a like link thingy on our links page so go click that big button up there at the top of the screen!

by Zanshlou

I must say sorry to all our readers (I'm sure there's at least one of you out there who cares) about the fact that we basically have to go to filler. I was hoping that I could get a buffer of Reproduction up and start posting my new series by the time Lekonua ran out of Spriteoverse comics and that we could then go back and forth between him and I updating/ making buffer issues. As it is I got lazy, I won't give excuses, so hopefully one of us can get some stuff done before we run out of side comics. I'd rather not have to go into a hiatus. So wish us both luck in getting new comics done so we won't have to deal with much "filler" type stuff.

by Lekonua

Leko here, using my first update of the Author Blog to inform all 4 of our readers that Comic Shorts: Spriteoverse has reached the end...

Of the line of premade episodes I had loaded into the update schedule. The first 25 or so episodes were already made before we came over to Comic Fury. All I had to do was stick 'em in the update-ma-jigger and let it put one up every week while I only needed to make a new one about every month. However, the series is finally catching up with me. I'll try to get an episode out each Wednesday, but having classes 4 days out of the week and an online one starting soon will severely limit my normally seemingly limitless free time.

It is for this purpose that I turn to a webcomic artist's old standby: filler. I have a bunch of old Comic Shorts comics that I've yet to put up on Comic Fury mainly because there wasn't really any reason to since I had my sprite comic going fairly strong. In the event that I cannot get an episode of Spriteoverse up in time, expect an unrelated comic that may have been drawn at any point in time, using any variety of digital media from Paint to Flash to Photoshop.  And if I run out of comics again, expect random art. Gotta keep updating with SOMETHING, right?

Filler episode will appear in the Spriteoverse chapter, clearly marked "FILLER: X" where X is my chosen title for the comic or art. Hopefully I won't have to do this too often, just thought I'd give an advance warning.