Sex: Male
Occupation: Gamer and Ninja
Character Description: One of the three original "main" characters. Dragon Master is prone to boredom and will do whatever he can for entertainment. Usually this results in senseless violence and occasionally practical jokes. He solves problems by either blaming, injuring, or killing Label Buddy. He considers himself one of the most awesome and amazing people in the world, 100% badass. In reality he's maybe 1% badass, 25% insane, 50% perverted, and 24% needlessly violent. Dragon Master is the original comic persona of John who's updated persona is Zanshlou.

Sex: Male
Occupation: Idiot
Character Description: Label Buddy is the stereotypical idiot of the comic series, often appearing when somebody needs to say something stupid, or get hurt. Label Buddy has died several dozen times throughout the series, leaving everyone else wondering how he returns in the next issue. Nathan's explanation is that Label Buddy does indeed die, but is replaced by a clone each time. John theorizes that he is so stupid that neither Heaven nor Hell want to deal with him, so he is sent back to Earth. He is the comic form of Dustyn, a friend of the authors.

Sex: Technically none, but Male personality
Occupation: Robot and Self Proclaimed Genius
Character Description: Lekonua (or Leko for short) is undoubtedly the smartest character in the series, as he is quick to point out. He plays video games excessively and hates annoying and/or stupid people, often dealing with them violently. He often comes up with elaborate plans to achieve a simple objective which, more often than not end up failing. Leko is one of two comic forms of Nathan, the other being one of the Real Life Characters. (see below)

 Real Life Characters

RL Characters are basically the actual authors/members of Comic Shorts themselves entering into the comic. There are minor differences between each RL Character and their counterpart. The exception is Label Buddy, who isn't a total idiot like his comic form, thus they are completely different. They mostly just appear to announce updates or changes to the series, breaking the fourth wall in the process. For the most part these are minor characters despite pretty much being the main characters. Nathan however, has added his human self to the cast of his comics because he felt that Lekonua was lacking some social qualities unique to human beings (such as the ability to hit on female characters, and generally be a pervert).

Sex: Male
Occupation: Some kind of 1920's gangster
Character Description: The New Yorker is a character that one of the author's friends had come up with and is unique in being pretty much the only character not designed by John or Nathan. He's supposed to be some kind of 1920's Mafia style gangster. His purpose in the main series, like most characters, is pretty much to kill Label Buddy. One of the few characters beyond the main three that made it from the main series into Reproduction. He should have a bit more purpose in this new series, beyond just being the guy who kills Label Buddy with guns. He is the comic form of Corey a friend of John's who used to live in New York.


Sex: Female
Occupation: Thief
Character Description: Tailii is was the first original female character of Comic Shorts. Originally a random character sketch drawn by Nathan, she was later added to the Comic Shorts cast. Her original outfit consisted of an odd assortment of armor and she wielded dual scimitars, in Nathan's comics her look has been simplified to a teal t-shirt with Leko's symbol on it and blue jeans. In the main series of Comic Shorts however her look seems to change, being consistent to the original drawing in earlier issues and being in a simple t-shirt and pants in the last couple. Her personality is childish and energetic, though her actual age is never specified. Tailii is the other character besides New Yorker who makes it into Reproduction and will probably have some more purpose in the new series.

Sex: Male
Occupation: Some sort of ninja
Character Description: Zanshlou being the new comic persona of John will have many similarities with Dragon Master but he won't be exactly the same. He actually showed up in the main series originally as a shadowed out figure (so as not to reveal his identity) who was going to take Dragon Master's place later in the unfinished nonsense filled story. Specifically redesigned for Reproduction, Zanshlou will take over the "main character" type role that Dragon Master had in the main series. Personality wise he's closer to the actual personality of John as opposed to Dragon Master who was more insane and violent, mostly for comedic purposes. His obsessions include duct tape, fire, swords, dragons, and gaming. His appearance is a mix of the old Dragon Master combined with the kind of normal casual clothing John would wear. He has a jacket, a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a ninja mask.


Sex: Female
Occupation: Insane/ Fan-servicey type character
Character Description: A yet to be revealed new character for Reproduction.


Sex: Female
Occupation: N/A
Character Description: Elizabeth is the second female character of Comic Shorts. She first appeared in issue 77 for no apparent reason, and attempted to hug everyone. Leko responded with a shout of "Code Pink" and was "beam-upified", while Label Buddy displayed his lack of intelligence by not knowing what a hug is.Originally Elizabeth was to be a comic representation of one of John's friends. Like many character's she won't be appearing in Reproduction.

Sammy (main series)

Sex: Female
Occupation: Samus parody/ rip-off
Character Description: The third female character of the series, appearing in issue 79. She arrived on the planet when her ship crashed, wearing a high-tech suit of armor similar to Samus Aran's powersuit, though green in color and more pointy and angular instead of being smooth and rounded. In another reference to the Metroid series, she was mistaken for a man before removing the suit. Dragon Master responds in a perv-like fashion saying "'re hot! wanna go out?!" getting hit over the head by Elizabeth in the next panel. She travels with a small animal named Roy who never really served any real purpose to the story. Being a Samus parody character she was immediately discluded as a candidate for the sixth character of Reproduction for being too unoriginal.

Sammy (Spriteoverse)

Sex: Female
Occupation: Starship AI Interface/ Samus parody
Character Description: The Sammy of Nathan's Spriteoverse is different from the one in the main series. First appearing in episode 2, Sammy is the primary AI of the broken down ship Leko and RL Leko bought for $20. As Primary AI of the ship, she has a great deal of control over the minor systems, but needs permisison from the Main Computer to access restricted files and protected systems. As of episode 14, she is in Lekonua's head due to RL Leko playing Chrono Trigger on the ship's main computer causing Lavos to appear within the computer making it unsafe.

Mii and Yoo

Sex: Female
Occupation: Twin sisters/ cat girls
Character Description: Originally spawned from a bad joke between the authors, Mii and Yoo are sister cat girls, one of which made her appearance in issue 92. What their purpose in the now abandoned storyline is long forgotten at this point. They pretty much just existed to make a joke after which they were barely mentioned again. Obviously they will not be appearing in future series of Comic Shorts.


Sex: Female
Occupation: Mysterious card wielder
Character Description: First appearing in issue 90, Ace is a mysterious character who wields bladed cards. Little was ever known about her. She was a neutral character allied neither with good or bad, but more working toward her own personal agenda. Though being one of John's personal favorite character designs she most likely won't appear in any future Comic Shorts comic series.


Sex: Male
Occupation: Lizard
Character Description: Gex was a lizard, and used to be one of the main characters. He really didn't appear that often, and his character was permanently killed off due to disagreements between the authors and the real life person he was based on. Made more sense than just having him disappear for no apparent reason. There were plans to bring back the character as a villain but the idea never really went anywhere. Yes, his name was an obvious rip-off of a video game character.

Speck of Dirt

Sex: Male
Occupation: Tiny evil
Character Description: Speck of Dirt is... a speck of dirt, but an EVIL speck of dirt. One of the main villains of the series, often trying to kill Label Buddy (though curiously enough, he also clones him according to Nathan's theory of how Label Buddy comes back every issue.) He was transformed into a Halo Spartan style mech for one issue and had his name changed to Mecha, but he was changed back when the idea didn't stick. Speck of Dirt was originally meant to be yet another character semi-based upon on of the author's friends.

Shadowy Figure

Sex: Male
Occupation: The original evil
Character Description: Shadowy Figure is well an evil dark shadowy type guy. The first "evil" character to appear in Comic Shorts. He did various evil type stuff to the main characters throughout the series. None of his plans ever really worked. He takes the initiative to open a demon portal and set the plans of evil into motion in the later parts of the series though this plot arc was never finished. The plan itself was likely thought up by Dark Buddy.


Sex: Male
Occupation: Evil demon/ ninja
Character Description: Villain is another of the forces of evil. His arm is that of a demon and is likely to represent his true form, though it is never revealed what his true form might be. Though it is never stated, the demons that come forth from the portal that they open near the end of the series are his own personal legion. If the story were to of continued he would of played a much bigger role in the later portion and his true form would of been shown. As it is, the story was abandoned and his true form was never designed.

Dark Buddy

Sex: Male
Occupation: Evil British mastermind/ Label Buddy clone
Character Description: Dark Buddy is Label Buddy's evil super smart clone, who for some reason seems to be British. For an evil mastermind he has done some somewhat idiotic things, like trying to impersonate Label Buddy in order to do evil. Obviously this didn't work out well. For whatever reason Dark Buddy has a grudge against Label Buddy and his friends and wants to destroy them. This is another plot point which never got to fully see its potential.

Main Computer

Occupation: Ship computer
Character Description: The main computer of the ship in Comic Shorts Spriteoverse, represented by a big eye. Some sort of glitch has resulted in it having a split personality, and recently getting stuck in red-colored Evil Mode.  In green-colored "Good Mode" it is all too happy to grant permission to restricted files. Evil Mode locks it in an anti-organic, homicidal frenzy during which it wants nothing more than to rid the ship of the main characters. It has taken advantage of Lavos's entry into the computer system and is currently using it as a guard dog to keep Sammy from potentially threatening its control of the ship.


Occupation: Grey Spartan Repair robot
Character Description: A repair robot sent for by Sammy to repair the ship's bridge. His enthusiasm resulted in a somewhat embarassing accident, leaving him with his entire body destroyed. As a result, he could only sit there and walk Leko and Leko through repairing the ship's main power generators, a process that took several weeks. He vanished after Episode 10, and was not seen again until Episode 24, where he is revealed to have been helping the MC sabotage the ship for purposes as of yet unexplained.