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Zanshlou 2.14.2012, 11:17 AM edit delete
Before I go into details about this page I would like to ask something...
If I started putting questions (like this one :D) here would you start responding and commenting more or would I just be wasting my time? Do those who look at our comics even read these notes?
I would like to try and connect with our fan base some more so we can talk to you and improve the series as needed.

Now for the comic details.

Day early update for COMICSHORTSIVERSARY! That's right as of today Comic Shorts as a series is... 5? 6? years old? How old were we last year? Not a lot of progress this year but we've at least pretty much kept to schedule on the updates. I apologize for all the filler. For once our website gets the comic before everywhere else. Normally I put them on dA first then upload them here later but I figure that from now on when I do something new I'll upload it here first to try and direct more traffic to our site.

After this comic we MAY go on a hiatus so we have time to get some buffer out for comics. I'll have to talk to my co-author so we can figure out where to go from here.

Well with all that said enjoy my way overdue second Terraria comic. This time (sort of) detailing an early experience with Skeletron before I knew how to easily dodge and kite him and he was an actual threat.
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Steve the Mew hunter 2.14.2012, 3:34 PM edit delete reply
Steve the Mew hunter
(points and laughs at Zanshlou)

good comic though
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