Sprite-o-Verse: Episode 1

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Sprite-o-Verse: Episode 1
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Author Notes:

Lekonua 4.20.2010, 10:06 AM edit delete
Welcome to the beginning of the still untitled sprite-based Comic Shorts space adventure comic...thing... What possessed me to come up with such an idea?

The intent was to deviate from my previous style of sprite-comic...ing...in which I exclusively used MS Paint, crappy word bubbles, and storylines that lasted 10 episodes max. With this series, I planned from the beginning to have a more drawn out story, in the vein of 8-Bit Theater. As a result, you'll notice that the story's pacing is very slow. This is deliberate. I have plenty of ideas and want to avoid using them all in the first 50 episodes.

Additionally, the Photoshop work noticeably improves as the series progresses because I discovered more efficient and better looking ways of doing things with almost every episode. The style levels out around Episode 16 or so.

One more thing: This is probably the longest author comment you'll ever see from me. Treasure it. Or don't.
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