CSR 1: Page 4

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CSR 1: Page 4
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Zanshlou 3.30.2011, 2:51 PM edit delete
So SOMEONE jumped the gun and put up an episode of Spriteoverse today but to prove I'm not slacking I'm STILL putting up the next page of CSR! That's right double update peoples! You should all feel special. Now onto stuff about this page...

So two video game references in this page. First referencing Sheogorath from Oblivion and his line about ripping out your intestines and skipping rope with them. Then there's the obvious reference to the Wheel of Misfortune from Fable II. What cruel torture awaits Label Buddy (cause who else would we ever subject to the wheel?) in the next page? Wait a couple of weeks and maybe you'll find out!

Also Tailii and The New Yorker both make their first appearance on this page, YAY!
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