ComicShortsiversary 2013

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ComicShortsiversary 2013
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Zanshlou 2.14.2013, 2:38 PM edit delete
Now as you probably know we've been on a very long hiatus, honestly I hate to say this but don't expect that to change. We have school, I'm STILL not sure on how to deal with CSR's intro arc, and we have other projects we're working on (which I'll hint at later). That said we do have a treat for you.

If you've read our old comics before you may recall that they're really bad. You also may recall that issue 1 is titled "Redone" seen here. Well when I made the original random comic that was later designated as issue 1 (when Comic Shorts later became a series starting on issue 2) it originally included other characters from previously or never to exist comics. The original page was damaged and eventually lost to time.

That is until recently when going through old sketch books I found this. The original issue 1, a piece of badly written history. But if it weren't for this comic there would be no Dragon Master, no Zanshlou, no Leko, no Label Buddy, no Tailii, no anything! Okay well maybe there would be some of that but Comic Shorts as the series we know today wouldn't exist without this terrible issue 1. Thank you for joining us on this educational look at the history of our comic.

Hopefully the next time you hear from us we'll have something new. Like an unrelated to Comic Shorts video game... *shhhhh don't tell anyone I told you*
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